…at least on this drawing by Liris-San from Russia. It is the second traditional drawn artwork this week on Game Art HQ and shows how beautiful art can be without using digital tools as well.

Liris / Elena is a big fan of the old Ecco the Dolphin games and would love to see a sequel for it. And there is actually a petition by fans who try to convince Sega to bring it back, you can visit this petition here.

Personally i believe the chances are small and maybe, it is even better to let the Series rest in Peace. Sega`s efforts lately were not soo great, with the exception of Sonic Generations ..a new Ecco in beautiful 2d graphics would be wonderful but how big are the chances that would ever happen anyway? :-S

Beside that all, Ecco the Dolphin and Sonic the Hedgehog combined on an image is awesome and this piece is not only super cute but also looking really great!

Sonic and Ecco