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Kingdom Hearts, released in 2002 is one of the success stories by Square-Enix which started on the Playstation 2.

Now, 10 years later there are multiple sequels and spinoffs made and the popularity of Kingdom Hearts is till raising and raising.

The fusion of Final Fantasy characters like Cloud, Aerith, Squall, Rikku etc with the many popular Disney characters from Mickey and Donald up to the Pirates of the Carribean is just something “magical” and not seen before. It is really time for a Kingdom Hearts 3 for Consoles however.

And now it`s time for this gallery of chosen Kingdom Hearts art drawn by fans!

 Kingdom Hearts Logo


 Kingdom Hearts – the successful Fusion of Final Fantasy & the Disney Universe, drawn by Fans

Kingdom Hearts 1 Tribute Art

Kingdom Hearts Tribute

by Mike Williams

Kingdom Hearts Art

by William Ray

 Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary

by Kanokawa

Halloween Kingdom Hearts Art

by Mallory Dyer

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Art

by Mallory Dyer