It was quite a surprise to see that a new Tomb Raider is being developed as one of the so called “Tripple A” titles by Crystal Dynamics for Square-Enix. This new Tomb Raider is meant as a Re-Boot for the whole Tomb Raider series and re-introduces Lara Croft in an adventure with different dangerous situations as before.

It seems the aspect of the new game lies more in the difficulty of surviving instead of exploring and jumping from cliff to cliff, the videos i have seen looked very interesting at least and promise a interesting new game for one of the thoughest females in video game history: Lara Croft!

This artwork which was made by Sarah Christina (lines, idea) in cooperation with Ula Mos (colors) is showing the “new” Lara Croft short before her new adventure starts after a horrible ship-wrecking event which she barely survived, just to explore an island, unknown for her.

Great work @ Sarah & Ula!

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Reboot