It might be that you have never heard about this scary creature with the name “Re-Dead”¬† if you aren`t a Legend of Zelda fan, but now you will never forget the look of it ūüėČ

As you maybe guessed this is another submission of the upcoming “Link`s Blacklist” art tribute here on Game Art HQ, getting published in Mid/End October.

The entries of this project have in common that they are all damn awesome and something i would expect in a official art book and not a fan made project …but somehow this idea about the rarely drawn enemies and bosses of the Zelda series attracted many very skilled and even professional artists who draw rarely for a fan project.

Made me quite proud and it seems that the future of art projects on Game Art HQ will continue to become something very interesting and also useful for both artists and fans.


This piece was made by the polish artist Starfoch who is a very big Zelda fan. He is one of the handful artists i invited to Link`s Blacklist since i was impressed by their works and thought they will be very interested.

I totally recommend visting the dA gallery of this talented artist, it is just full of Zelda art which has to be seen!