So, let`s start the Re-Launch of the Game Art HQ Main Page with a spectacular entry of the upcoming Zelda Tribute “Link`s Blacklist” by over 50 Game Art HQ dA Group Members. It seems like this art tribute will be the so far most successful one.

When i look at the artworks made for this project, i think they should be in an official art book. Seriously, i dont even know if a fan made art project about a video game series ever looked THAT great.

The one to the right is the Skullkid from Zelda: Majoras Mask btw and was drawn by the swedish artist Go-Maxpower who contributed also a 2nd entry for this project.

Link`s Blacklist will be published in the last October week short before Haloween. You can browse through all so far submitted entries on Deviantart