Yes, third Weekend since i  registered the domain and started building up this site.


And again a lot was added, there is a new poll and i have some headaches ..maybe i saw too many great fan arts in this week which i worked with.


There are 120 character based fna art galleries now on GA-HQ. Chun Li`s one has the most fan-arts now with 4 great pieces..but i am sure somewhen in the future she alone needs ten pages and there will be around 200 worth to watch fanarts of her.  But till than its a long long road…


Today i could add 2 new artists which gave me their permissions to use their works. Thanks a lot M4studios (aka Bathori on GA_HQ), and Jazz!

Both are great artist as these two examples of their skill are showing!

Bishamon from Darkstalkers by Jazz!

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat by M4studios