Yesterday i updated and added a bit from this and that to the site, let`s see what we got

First of all there is a new gallery of official artworks, this time not a fighting game, but  the Playstation classic Legend of Mana. Sadly i have only a few artworks while i bet there exist more.

The overall layout of Game Art HQ was changed..again and this time it stays that way for a longer time for sure, the Official Artworks and Screenshot section layouts got definitive improved yesterday


All screenshot galleries got updated, and there is a new one for one of the probably most unpopular Playstation games ever…3D Baseball

Beside that, i am working mostly on the galleries for the upcoming Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute


Speaking about tributes, remember the Mortal Kombat Tribute?

It is nearly complete finally and just one single entry is missing now that the unpopular character Dairou was drawn and submitted to the Project