Remember the Mortal Kombat Tribute Project? Of course you do, the link to it is still on the left menu here on GA-HQ and not a few sites wrote articles about it.

80 Artists from multiple communities like Deviantart, MFG, SRK, TRMK and Kamidogu draw 80 different characters from the Mortal Kombat Universe.


Now, the next big Tribute thing is about the probably most popular fighting game series, Street Fighter.


This project has the big target to get not less than 216 artists from different communities to work together to create the biggest fan art ever organized so far.

Not only will 90 characters get drawn 2times each one, there are also so called “Challenges” which are artworks which will display epic fights like Ryu vs Ken, Chun Li vs M.Bison.

There are two re-design projects for 8 artists each, their quest is to draw the Street Fighter characters either 10-20 years older or with a changed gender..female Gouken anyone?..well maybe not.

I have seen some of the entries already and what i saw was more than awesome. Currently i am preparing and creating the galleries for this monumental project.

You will hear more about it in the next weeks, the thing starts officially on februar 12.2012, this means the first entries will apear from than on