The 25 unlockable Arcade Ending Artworks from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + are avaiable now on GA-HQ, the GG series is one of my favourite fighting games, i made these images using the PS2 Emulator and my original copy of the game to make screenshots, and cut out the images from the unlockable gallery in the game.

The quality is not as hi-res as usual, these images were never released officially by Arc systems or Sammy anywhere as far as i know.


In 2012 i will publish a lot game art which was never published by the game companys in art books or the internet, the quality wont be as good as officially published material but its the best possible in most cases.


94 Artists signed in for the Street Fighter Tribute project already, i seriously cant wait for Februar 12.2012 when the 3rd Fan Art project on GA-HQ starts and will be twice as big as the previous ones.