Only 17 votes in 2 days at the poll but so far the result is that most of you definitive want the official game art. If that is not the case, vote in the poll above lease, i only know what you, the visitors want if you tell me via the poll or via forum posts


Official game art can come in many forms, today i added images directly  copied  from Darkstalkers 3 for the playstation. These images were unlockable in the game for a gallery, they were stored in bmp files. The images are mostly typical character artworks but also some posters are among them, while the most of them should be known they are not posted on many sites.


Simply click on the image of the Darkstalkers character Demitri in this post to visit the gallery, i wish the images would be in a higher resolution, sadly they are just 640 x480 quality or even smaller.


The next official art will be from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus and will include many images which are not posted in a similar quality on any other sites.