No new Fan Art or Official Game Art today but, i am working since 2 days on a really big update /change on game art hq


Every Fan Art and also every official game art image gets an own page with additional informations and the image being displayed way bigger as in the galleries with multiple images


The Official game art image pages get mostly links to related images /pages but, if i have the information the artist and infos about him will also be named


The fan art images get  way more informations, from own descriptions by the artists to details like when a image was first published and from which game exactly the displayed character is, in some cases i myself describe the images a bit if i know some background details which werent mentioned anywhere else

this update will probably take me 3 months.


In that time i will most likely not add new artists there will be a few new fan art images nearly every day though i guess since the over 60 artists  featured on GA-HQ already wont be lazy 🙂


On Februar 12.2012 a Street Fighter Tribute project starts and not less than 69 Artists signed in to be a part of it already. The giant Target is to involve 200! artists to draw 90 Street Fighter game series characters + 10 surprises.


If you are an artist and you want to know more details, visit the forum