Just 15 more galleries for me to do and i am done with Brendan Corris works, after that i can finally add a new artist to GA-HQ and i cant wait for that.


There are sadly 1000 and more things to do on this site to make the design better, the navigation easier, put more informations to all galleries, in the long run getting video game companies to buy adspace on the site instead having ads for just everything which has nothing to do with games here..


While i add new fan art, galleries and soon some damn great artists and models i still work on many little improvements..the content on the site which is online already means alone so much work for me that i wouldn’t even be finished it at summer 2012.

The whole site would be pretty epic than though, but i wouldn’t be able to add new fan art and artists actually..and that’s something i don’t want..so the progress of the site goes slow..thanks for the support  everyone so far, i hope you will visit GA-HQ again and again and will find many good reasons here to do so


Greets everyone, gbk