Salvation-Series is a quite cool and very creative guy i know from Deviantart. Last year, he gave me his MKRebirth group there, a group for Mortal Kombat related redesigns. He made some pretty cool art contests there with ideas like genderswapping, mixing MK characters etc.

I changed the focus from redesigns to a group for nearly anything related to MK and made it the biggest MK related group there on DA and do art contests as well, every month now, and the community (over 700 people now) can decide the contest.

Last month it was a MK 1 related contest..this month its about MK II. Well, long speech short message..salvation-series did a great work with his MK Origins series, which i tribute with this new gallery which shows his works.


I am looking forward to his next additions for his project!


Happy weekend, gbk