Hello, 2 days ago i added Ad`s including pop-ups to the site.

We all dislike ads often, but please understand that they are more or less needed to keep GA-HQ running.


I have around 700-800 website visitors in 24 hours, accordoing to my hoster the server i use now will get slow when the visitor number reaches around 1200. That might happen in 1-3 Months and i will have to rent a bigger server.


But a bigger server costs also more Money. For now i pay around 25 euro in a month and thats okay for me, a bigger one which allows some thousand people on the website will cost me around 60 euro.

And thats a amount of money i dont have. I try to find a good balance of the amount of advertisments, and also figure out better and better deals with the time i guess so i wont have too much ads in here i hope.

I hope  all, or at least the most of you can understand my reasons to have the ads on GA-HQ.


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