Today i added various Fanarts by Humida and OneWingedAngel75


Thanks a lot you two for your support for the  GA-HQ Project


Beside the fanarts, i also added two more fanart related sections, the redesigns (name describes itself) and the “fanart dreams” section


That one is for Fanarts like Solid Snake fights against Sam Fisher, or the Mortal Kombat Vs Streetfighter game, fans want since many years.


But its saturday..and even i deserve a bit weekend time..while working on the site is fun i have other stuff to do as well


Ah yes, also made a little “featured article” block on the right menu bar, the KOF 2002 UM gallery i made last night is really worth to check out!

Tomorrow i wont add a lot, but try to improve the exsisting galleries with more sorting, a bit site designing and well.. lets see..i am not a big planer ūüôā