Mortal Kombat is 30 years old now. The first game started one of the fighting game series that are still popular today and featured badass kharacters that are loved by millions of people out there. The awesome mix of great gameplay, the realism of the graphics back in 1992, the interesting story and of course the violence as well was responsible for the success of one of the most beloved fighting games out there.

To celebrate this awesome video game,lets kollaborate and kreate art that tributes its characters and the actors behind them. 



The new Tribute would have three parts 1. Full body characters, starting with Mortal Kombat 1 (1992) without a background via .png files. The results would be similar to our SF 30th Anniversary Tribute:

2nd Idea is fight scenes between two rivals from MK 1. Think Kano vs. Sonya or Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero..and that in their classic designs and in one of the MK 1 Stages. That would be our well..pretty time-consuming MK30 project.

3rd Idea is meant as pure fun for everyone involved. MK..Cosplay. Inspired by a pretty nice-looking Sonya Blade ( ) in a Chun Li costume I saw yesterday on Twitter. The idea would be to have a MK character with the costume of a self-chosen other video game character, preferred are characters from other fighting games, including the upcoming Street Fighter 6 as an example

To claim a character, simply mention it via a comment here or on dA or on Twitter, or via our discord channel 🙂 


MK 30 Logo – not klaimed yet


Mortal Kombat (1992)

Kharacters to klaim:

Johnny Cage

not klaimed yet


 not klaimed yet

Liu Kang

Win Pose – klaimed by Ed Jacob-Moffatt @EPJMoffatt (Twitter) on 12.10.2022


 not klaimed yet


not klaimed yet

Sonya Blade

not klaimed yet


Special Move 1 – his Slide, klaimed by Nagasaki (Discord Nick) Kienay (dA Nick) (10.10.2022)


not klaimed yet

Shang Tsung

Special Move 1 – The Skull/Fireball klaimed by Martin Zajons (Facebook / Real Name) on 12.10.2022


not klaimed yet


Rival Kombatants Ideas


Mortal Kosplay