Luke Sullivan’s Game History

Luke Sullivan joined the Street Fighter series as the last DLC Character in Street Fighter V in 2021.

He was joining Brawlhalla where he is mirroring the abilities of the character Cross, ..Minecraft and The King of Fighters: All Star in 2022 as part of Crossover DLC for each game and was also revealed to return in Street Fighter 6 alongside Ryu in its first teaser Trailer. 


Official Bio of Luke Sullivan in Street Fighter 6 & Trivia: 

“A contractor for a PMC, Luke uses his elite military background to teach mixed martial arts. His days off are spent eating junk food, playing video games, and fighting, but make no mistake—Luke plays to win.”

 – He seems to be a rival of SF6 Newcomer Jamie

Tomoaki Maeno is his and also Kyo Kusanagi‘s voice in Japan





Character Overview of Luke Sullivan from the Street Fighter Games

Character Name / Aliases: Luke Sullivan
Gameseries: Street Fighter, other Games with Crossover DLC
First Game: Street Fighter V via DLC in November 2021
Last Game: Street Fighter 6 (2023)
Also featured in:

Brawhalla as Skin (2022)

Minecraft as Skin (2022)

The King of Fighters All Star as unique playable character (2022)

Developed /Created by: Capcom
First seen on: Multiple Platforms (Playstation 4, PC)
Year first seen in: 2021
Usual Character Role: Fighting Game Character
Relations to other Characters: Jamie (Rival), Guile (Former Boss in the Army), Robert Sullivan (Father)
Birthplace USA
Fighting Style MMA Fighting
Additional Tags:  
Voiced by Aleks Le (English), Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese)
Height & Weight Height 185 cm, Weight 90 kg



Official Game Art like Illustrations and Concept Art of Luke Sullivan


Official Wallpaper of Luke in SF6

Official Render of Luke in SF6

Luke Sullivan in Street Fighter 6

The King of Fighters All Star (2022)

Luke SFV Wallpaper


Luke Ending Artworks

Luke SFV Special Artwork by Tomio

Luke in Street Fighter V (2021, as DLC)




Screenshot Gallery of Luke Sullivan



Trailers featuring Luke

The King of Fighters All Star (2022)

Street Fighter V (2021)


Musical Themes of Luke

Luke SF6 Theme “Taking Aim”

Street Fighter V Theme



Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of Luke from the Street Fighter Games












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