Update, 18.03. 2012, we got a good couple of excellent submissions together for our project now and the first Page, dedicated to the Dark Souls Anniversary Poster by Marvin Law is online 🙂 We also got pieces for Fatal Fury, Sonic the Hedgehog, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and the Metroid Series now. 


I am going to create the pages for these pieces in the next days, today I am starting with the Metroid Submission by Joel Sousa. This Tribute will also be promoted again on dA. A few more submissions are on the way as well. 

A Banner will be created in Summer the 2021 Anniversary project will end in December of course, and most likely continue with a second-round in 2022 🙂 



It has been a while..a long while since our last Video Game Fan Art Collaboration due to Corona..and the changes due to Eclipse on DeviantART. 


Our first big project since the (still incomplete) Pokemon Generation IV Collaboration is all about illustrating awesome video games past with our talent!


The idea is simple:

You can choose one of the Games listed below that celebrate a 5,10,15,20,25,30 Years of Anniversary OR ..if you know another one that was released in one of those years and you believe it should get a tribute through art..you can claim it as well.


  • Every Game can be claimed by up to three different Artists
  • No NSFW stuff
  • Two Months of time for everyone. If you claimed a game on the 18th January, you have time till the 18th of March as an example
  • If you can’t create it in two months, either send us a message  before the deadline or your claim gets invalid and someone else can claim that specific game  
  • It is completely up to you how you illustrate the game or the whole game series this time
  • You can claim one game at a time but participate with up to 5 games one after another
  • The project is open-ended, if it is successful we continue it next year


  • You can claim a game either directly here via comment, or in the dA Journal..but here is preferred. You can also claim a game, ask questions etc. via our Discord Channel ( https://discord.gg/VdYMa6W )
  • You are welcome to share your works everywhere, if you are on Twitter, please @GameArtHQ so we can help to share your work there



Every Illustration will be featured here on Game-Art-HQ.com with full credits to you, the artist, you can also send us a description that could be displayed here, similar to how we did it in part Game Art Collaborations like Link’s Blacklist, the Street Fighter Anniversary Project or the Pokemon Tributes. 

Game-Art-HQ.com is a completely non-commercial Website for 3 years now. There are no Ads and the only super little “income” comes through 3 awesome Group Members that like this site and are still supporting it with some bucks via Patreon. 


So, enough talking, here are a ton of awesome games and game series that celebrate their Anniversaries in 2021, thanks a lot for creating the List @ LukeTheRipper!



40 Year Anniversaries:

Donkey Kong – The Classic Game where “Jumpman” learns how to rescue Princesses  from Paula herself

Castle Wolfenstein – Back when 3D Graphics were not a thing yet, the first castle Wolfenstein was created already

Frogger – Probably one of the most innovative games for its time

Galaga – First seen in the Ridge Racer loading screen for many of us, this one was all about fast reactions and killing Space-Moths


35 Year Anniversaries:

The Legend of Zelda – Fight Ganon, Rescue Princess Zelda – and start one of the most successful Video Game franchises ever. This is the Legend of Zelda

OutRun – Sega’s awesome racing game was like a passing breeze in the arcades

Bubble Bobble – The lovely Dragons Bub & Bob captured their enemies in bubbles..and it was super fun!

Alex Kidd in Miracle World – Sega’s first contra to Nintendos Super Mario was excellent..and receives a remake this year actually

Dragon Quest – Just like Final Fantasy, this one became one of the biggest j-rpg series ever

Metroid got claimed by: Joel Sousa on January 18th 2021, done in March!



30 Year Anniversaries

Sonic The Hedgehog – Gotta Go Fast! Sega’s Mascot never reached Mario’s popularity but one thing is safe to say at least..the games AND the movie are great.

Twarda8 on 17.01.2021 as the first claim for this project actually, done in March!


Fatal Fury – SNK’s answer to Street Fighter II that featured some characters that are still so popular that they made it into games like Super Smash Bros. 

Claimed by:

Marvin Law on 17.01.2021, created just 3 days later!


Another World – One of the first video games that had breathtaking animations and a spectacular art design. 

Lemmings – The lovely green-haired poor guys…how many of them were killed because of our mistakes?

Battletoads – One of the most difficult beat’em ups ever. Ooooof. 



25 Year Anniversaries

Tomb Raider  – featuring Lara Croft. One of the first 3D Action-Platformers. And probably featuring the most popular female video game main protagonist out there. 


Pokemon – Yellow..Blue..Green..Choose your Color and you gotta catch’em all!

Claimed by Ygdrassal created his tribute to Pokemon Blue a week later!

Crash Bandicoot – WOAH! Published by Sony while it never belonged to them. Now almost 25 years later we got a new excellent sequel to the great Trilogy on the original Playstation

Resident Evil – Chris Redfield..Jill Valentine..Barry Burton..Rebecca Chambers..Albert..Weeeeeeesker. Zombies..Tyrants..And a Virus. (Fubar!)

Metal Slug – Contra was almost dead already when SNK released the first Metal Slug game, one of the most fun run&gun shooters ever



20 Year Anniversaries

Devil May Cry – Dante was not as cool as today but the game already set new standards for its Genre

Claimed by CallunaDraconis on January 5th, submitted on March 25th!

Halo: Combat Evolved – Probably the first “next-gen” First Person Shooter for its time. 

Claimed by Demonic-Brute on 18.01.2021

Animal Crossing – Cute..weird..and a giant success

Claimed by:

Scowlingelf on 17.01.2021 done in March!

Ico – Hard to compare this experience with other games

Claimed by Ra-ooo on February 10

Black & White – Maybe the peak and also the downfall of Peter Moore who had great visions for this game

Additional game(s) chosen by Community Members:

Magical Starsign – A J-RPG for the Nintendo DS claimed by Gaia’s Den on 17.01.2021




15 Year Anniversaries

Okami  – One of the most beautiful Action Adventures ever

Claimed by

LukeTheRipper on 17.01.2021 (got a bug with his profile on dA for some reason)

Bully – Hard to believe that this is already 15 years old..where is the sequel?

LocoRoco – It was one of the best reasons to get a Playstation Portable

Gears of War – This one kinda defined the player base on the Xbox360 together with Halo and Call of Duty ‘bro 😉 

God Hand – One of the weirdest 3D beat’em ups ever. 



10 Year Anniversaries

Dark Souls – You Died. 

Claimed by:

Skull-the-Kid on 18th January 2021. & by Marvin Law (25.01) both done in March!

Minecraft – The most successful indie game became so successful that it was bought by one of the biggest publishers out there and stopped being an indie game 😉

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Maybe still the most beautiful J-RPG ever. R.I.P Studio Ghibli

Catherine – I love Japanese games. This is one of them. 

Skylanders – It featured bizarre-looking Spyro..I don’t know anything else about it. 



5 Year Anniversaries

Overwatch – Blizzards still successful online PvP shooter

No Man’s Sky – No other big game evolved that much after such a lousy start to an excellent experience I guess.

Doom – Maybe the most successful reboot of a first-person shooter

Street Fighter V – Actually, this one evolved as well as No Man’s Sky 😉 

Stardew Valley – One of the biggest indie game success stories, now excuse me I have to do some mining!

Claimed by PitchBlackEspresso on 20.01.2021



Now get on board and claim your favourite of all these choices or claim another game that celebrates an anniversary in 2021!