Scorpion Mortal Kombat XI by Flavio Luccisano


Mortal Kombat XI was finally announced officially at the Game Awards 2018 in early December and we saw Scorpion and Raiden fighting each other to death in the first trailer that was accompanied by a rap song that sparked some not so nice..comments.

That aside, it looked already super promising with time travel being a part of the story it seems. Scorpion was there in his latest costume but after he was killed he just came back as..Mortal Kombat 4 Scorpion? It was kinda confusing and the young-looking Shao Kahn who is the inevitable pre-order DLC character just added his part to the many theories about the story already circling around about Mortal Kombat XI. We are going to see the first gameplay of Mortal Kombat XI in just a few days, on January 17 btw.


Flavio Luccisano is like me a fan of the Mortal Kombat games for many years and draws the characters of the games since at least 2012 already. I featured his works here before and it looks like we are going to see a wave of more MK artworks in his very detailed style this year due to MK XI.

Personally, I hope we are going to see a well-rounded cast of many unexpected characters bring back Shang Tsung including his morphing ability, and if we have variations again..maybe even based on time..bring back his awesome Mortal Kombat 3 design ūüôā Wow…time / game-based variations for the characters…that could be damn awesome or?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed Flavio’s latest take on Scorpion. If you did, check out his Gallery on DeviantART or follow him on Twitter!


You can learn more about Scorpion and see many of his official artworks as well as a lot of awesome creations made by fans in our Video Game Character Database Entry of him here: