Donald in Maui Mallard, also known as Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow  in the USA was one of the last games we expected to see in our Super Nintendo art contest.

But Panagiotis Vlamis aka Weaselpa from Greece submitted this rare fan art of the game which one of the last great SNES games for North American gamers. It was actually first released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1995 already before an updated port with better graphics and new level designs and bosses made it to the SNES in Europe by the end of 1996, a year after the popular Sony Playstation was released already and even after the Nintendo 64 was out.

The US version was eventually released in January 1997 and published by Nintendo itself. 

Donald in Maui Mallard was also one of the last 2d platformer games with Disney characters. Donald is a detective in this game who can change his wardrobe and persona into a ninja with different moves and attacks.

The game was in general featuring a ton of good ideas and a nice mix between the raw platforming and action. Its one of these games that I would love to see a remaster by the same guys that made the Ducktales remake. Kudos to Weaselpa to highlight such an unexpected gem of the 16bit era!

The artist also participated in our Pokemon and FGE Art Collaborations, please check out his profile on deviantART here!