Earthworm Jim in New Junk City – drawn by Cubehero for our Super Nintendo Contest in April 2018


Personally I had a Love / Hate relationship with Earthworm Jim  (the game) back in…1994. I remember that it took me months to beat the game because it was so damn difficult. The game did not have many levels but each one of them had some of these uber-hard parts that made me almost desperate. And the last one where you fight the super-evil Queen Slug-for-a-Butt is just as difficult as the last stages in Super Meat Boy.

Except that you don’t just have to jump and run but also take care of enemies with your awesome Blaster gun. 


Over the half of the entries made for our SNES contest were for games that were not Super Nintendo exclusive which was totally okay, otherwise we wouldn’t have this awesome piece which sticks to the original style of the Earthworm Jim cover actually. Cubehero won the well deserved 2nd Prize ($20) with it. Gotta love his selection of the colors and how dynamic it looks!