Super Nova – Darius Force by FranjoGutierrez


We got a good couple of excellent submissions to our Super Nintendo Art Contest in April-May 2018 but this one and the Donald Duck in Maui Mallard fan arts really stood out since thy were from almost forgotten SNES games and not the ones that are still popular like Yoshis’s Island and Final Fantasy VI. 

Franjo’s illustration shows the Boss Fight against the giant Galst Vic Boss from Zone O in Darius Force.

Unlike the majority of the enemies and bosses in the Darius games, this one was rather inspired by the Terminator movies and not a creature of the sea. The battle itself took a good couple of minutes and Galst Vic won’t just give up after you defeated him in the form shown in the illustration and on the screenshot.

Darius Force was renamed to Super Nova outside Japan btw. It was sadly never ported to another platform, not even the Virtual Console.