Thursday from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness drawn by Jenise Toney aka. BlazeTBW

BEEP! BEEP! BLIP! BEEP!: Arigato Roboto!

Back in February-March we organized an art challenge about rarely drawn video game characters on Game-Art-HQ’s dA group and BlazeTBW got a choice between three characters. There were the classic Koopa Troopa from Super Mario, a Car from the old Ridge Racer games or Thursday from Disgaea.

It took her a bit longer than expected but in the end we got one of the most dedicated Thursday illustrations ever I think. Lots of Kudos to Blaze, you should check out her whole gallery here!


Thursday is one of the  – minor – protagonists in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and joins the party in the last third of the game. He is a robot with some crazy skills and uses to say “Blip” “Beep” “Bleep”as often as a Prinny-Squad says “Dood” over the course of a whole battle. Personally I think that Thursday was a big inspiration for the folks at Gearbox Software when they worked on the first Borderlands game and Claptrap.

Thursday was a great addition to the first Disgaea game and also returned in the sequel Disgaea 2 and again as DLC in Disgaea 3. Unlike the majority of other Disgaea 1 characters he did not return in the direct sequel: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness and it is uncertain that we will see him in any new games.