Tira is one of the playable characters and antagonists in the SoulCalibur fighting games.

She made her debut in SoulCalibur III (2005) and returned in SoulCalibur IV (2008), its PSP Port and returned as the first DLC character in SoulCalibur VI (2018).  

Her exact birth date and place are unknown but she was trained to become an assassin since her childhood and got the German codename “Eiserne Drossel”. She chose to become Nightmares servant during the events of SoulCalibur III. 


Tira from the SoulCalibur Games: an Overview

Charactername:  Tira , Eiserne Drossel   Developed /Created by  Namco
Gameseries: SoulCalibur   First seen on:  Playstation 2
First Game: SoulCalibur III   Year first seen: 2005 
Last Game: SoulCalibur VI (2018)   Birthplace:  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapon: Ring Blade
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Game Art Gallery with Official Artworks, Renders, Concept Arts of Tira from SoulCalibur


SoulCalibur V (2012)

SoulCalibur Broken Destiny (2009)

SoulCalibur IV (2008)


SoulCalibur III (2005)



Tira from SoulCalibur in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects


Tira is not yet a part of a Game-Art-HQ Community Art Collaboration


Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of Tira


Tira SCIV Art

by Asianape

Tira from SCIII

by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau



Tira SoulCalibur III Cosplay by Narga Lifestream



Updates and Additions in Tira’s Game Art Gallery and Character Overview

18.12.2017 – Creation of Tira’s new article that combines the previous official art, cosplay and fan art posts 🙂