Lu Bu is one of many playable characters in Dynasty Warriors, a series of games based on the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms set in ancient China. Lu Bu is based on the historical person Lü Bu, who was a military general known for his strength and fiery temperament.

Lu Bu is usually part of every video game about the Three Kingdoms starting from Romance of the Three Kingdoms (1985) (released as Sangokushi in Japan) up to Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII (2017) and the Dynasty Warriors-styled crossover title, Warriors: All-Stars (2017).

He is a playable character, sometimes a boss, and sometimes a protagonist in his own Dynasty Warriors campaigns. He is often the most powerful unlockable character in the games he appears in.

His official description in Dynasty Warriors 9 is:

“A master of military arts, particularly skilled in mounted archery.
His exceptional skill earned him praise as the ‘Warrior of all Warriors,’ just as Red Hare was praised as the ‘Horse of all Horses.'” 
Lu Bu was a firm believer in the right of might and had the tendency to ignore social niceties.”



Lu Bu from the Dynasty Warriors games: an Overview

Charactername: Lu Bu   Developed /Created by Tecmo KoeiCapcom and other Developers
Gameseries: Multiple including Dynasty Warriors   First seen on: PC  
First Game: Sangokushi/Romance of the Three Kingdoms    Year first seen: 1985  
Last Game: Dynasty Warriors IX Empires (2021)   Birthplace: China  
Role(s) and Characteristics: Protagonist, Boss, Fighting Game Character   Weapons: Halberds
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Official Game Art promotional illustrations of Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors 9 (2017)


Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (2013)


Dynasty Warriors 8 (2013)




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Selected Fan Art and Cosplay of Lu Bu


The mighty Lu Bu

by Sinyo Budi



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