Lee Pai Long is one of the playable characters from the Art of Fighting games by SNK.

Lee debuted as the 2nd enemy in the story mode of Art of Fighting (1992). In the multiplayer mode he is playable. Art of Fighting 2 (1994) had no story mode for the protagonists alone anymore and Lee was playable from the start.

It was quite a surprise to see Lee Pai Long returning in a playable form in the crossover fighting game NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (2005).

Lee Pai Long works as a doctor but was also teached in Chinese Martial Arts and uses a pair of Iron Claws in fights. He found the cure for hemorrhoids in his Art of Fighting 2 ending actually.


Lee Pai Long from the Art of Fighting Games: an Overview

Charactername: Lee Pai Long   Developed /Created by SNK 
Gameseries: Art of Fighting   First seen on: Arcades 
First Game: Art of Fighting   Year first seen: 1992 
Last Game:  Neo Geo Battle Coliseum (2005)   Birthplace: Taiwan
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons: Claws 
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Takuma Sakazaki (Good Friend)   See also:  



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NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (2005)

Art of Fighting 2 (1994)

Art of Fighting (1992)



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Lee Pai Long from the classic Art of Fighting games is one of the over 200 fighters drawn for our FGE Project, he was illustrated by Romeo J. Gonzales



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