Dural is usually the Final Boss in the Virtua Fighter games by Sega and was drawn by Bariarti.

Bariarti never beat Dural but he is the first artist in the Game-Art-HQ Community who picked and drew Dural in all her shiny metallic beauty!


Dural Virtua Fighter

Dural is the final boss in the Virtua Fighters games by Sega since the first game in the series up to the last part, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Round in 2012.

She is a Cyborg that was once a normal Japanese woman named Tsukikage and the mother of another Virtua Fighter, Kage-Maru. She was brainwashed by a mysterious corporation known as J6 and changed to a Cyborg that can use the moves of other characters from the game. It is currently not very likely that we will see a new Virtua Fighter game sadly. 



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