Yarrr Harrr, on deviantart my two groups about fighting games (Fighting Games Elite & MKRebirth) hit 2000/1000 watchers yesterday/today ..FGE is the third biggest group there related to fighting games..MKRebirth is the biggest Mortal kombat related group there now, and it seems like both are liked a lot there. Thats good for me and my site, since i get to know awesome artists trough those groups and can ask them to be a part of GA-HQ


Jodee from the UK is one of those artists..and she delivers nearly 20 really great fana rts of games like Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat and Devil May Cry. Our galleries here are getting big and in a few cases i will have to split them soon or else there would be a scrolling fest on them.

Lets get back to Jodee now, you can visit all her chosen artworks  right here


I still have a handful more artists to make galleries for, but i try to spend time to add features to the exsisting pages on GA-HQ as well. Thanks to the poll on the left side i know that the advertisings here so far arent too much it seems and maybe some of them were even interesting.


As a big gamer by myself i try to pick offers on amazon etc. which are clearly related to a game or character and would interest myself as well.


Greets everyone, GBK