Aces of the Air is a WWII Flight Action game for the Playstation.

In Japan it was released as a part of the “Simple Series 1500” Budget label and was known there as Simple Series 1500 Vol. 92 – The Hikouki.

Aces of the Air was released in 2002 in the USA, and published by Agetec


Aces of the Air Screenshot Gallery



Aces of the Air is simply a bad game. Really Bad. It is obvious that it was made with a small budget and the developers tried to make a halfway interesting title but back than and now anyway they only produced a joke compared with other similar titles. The screenshots were made with the EPSXE emulator, on the original Playstation the game looks much more pixelated.

I cant recommend this game to anyone except crazy collectors who want to have every game released in the USA for the Playstation..oh wait..I doubt there are other people like myself..or?

If you are a crazy collector of PSone games too, maybe get it for a full set of games..but this game is not worth to invest time into never was.