Today i added a new gallery, for the artist predatorhunter79 who made some excellent Mortal kombat related fan arts. I am looking forward to see more stuff from this talented  artist from Chile!


Advertising on GA-HQ

Many of the artwork gallerys are getting ads now added with the time. I am working nearly alone on the page and pay around 25 euro for it, and i know that the site will probably cost me over 50 when i have to rent a bigger server. The site gets over 500-600 visitors now at a day and it seems GA-HQ has a concept many people like. I see that over 20% are returning visitors ..for a only 3 month old website thats pretty good, it also shows me that ga-hq will probably have  1000+ visitors at one day in december or november. Long speech short sense, while the site is a hobby for me still, it costs money and i cant shit that stuff, so i hope some of you will buy games from play-asia and amazon trough my links here. I am myself a customer of both services since years and  in my opinion they are great to find rare games or  getting them  cheaper as in many other stores. I pick the ad choices manually, that means on a Mortal Kombat  gallery you see  ads for MK games or other related stuff like a gamesguide or action figures.


Through that i hope to have interesting and useful ads on the site and not some crap for insurrances and other things which ahve nothing to do with the topic of this website


Greets everyone and a good new week, gbk


ps: i got some damn awesome artist for the next days to feature. Beside that there will be official artwork galelrys for the King of Fighters XII, Final fantasy XIII and SNK Vs Capcom