Machamp used Rolling Kick by ChicoConSuArte

ChicoConSuArte is a big Pokemon fan who joined this project in May already with his take on Poliwrath, followed by Poliwhirl and finally the so far only Rolling Kick illustration for the powerful Machamp. You can see a lot more Pokemon related art at his gallery here!


“The user lashes out with a quick, spinning kick. It may also make the target flinch”

The Rolling Kick is a fighting-type attack that was debuting in the classic Pokemon games already and is known as a Roundhouse Kick in Japan. 

Beside dealing damage with a power rating of 60, it has also a 30% chance of causing the opponent to flinch. 



Machamp used Dynamic Punch by BlazeTBW

BlazeTBW from the USA joined Game-Art-HQ somewhen in 2014 already and participated in multiple of our collaborations, starting with her amazing take on the Reznor boss(es) from Super Mario World as part of our Mario’s Blacklist. She also drew the mighty bosses from Banjo Tooie for our Nintendo 64 Anniversary and joined the Pokemon Tribute with Slowbrow and Machamp.

You can see a ton of cool stuff at her dA gallery here!


“A Fighting-type attack. In-accurate but guaranteed to confuse the opponent if it hits”

The Dynamic Punch is one of the Fighting-Type moves, often used by Pokemon like Machamp, Poliwrath and Golurk. In Japan it is known as the “exploding Punch” and that’s exactly what it does.

It hitting the opponent so hard that it won’t just deal damage, it will also cause Confusion because the enemy will see a circle of stars above its head. Oh and if your Pokemon has the Iron Fist ability, it will hit even harder. 20% harder!



“Using its heavy muscles, it throws powerful punches that can send the victim clear over the horizon”

Machamp is the final evolution of Machop and a true power-house of a Pokemon, In fact it is even classified as a Power-type character in Pokken Tournament where it is one of the classic Pokemon that are playable. I want to see this one fighting Goro from Mortal Kombat!


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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