Air Man Fan Art MegaMan 2 by Rubendevela

You CAN beat Air Man, drawn by Ruben Devela

This Fan Art of Air Man from Mega Man 2 brings back some good memories but also some frustrated ones about how difficult the Robot Masters were back in the eighties . Air Man even got his own meme and theme song around 9 years ago when “Air Man ga Taosenai” (Can’t Beat Air Man) a doujin rock song was released in Japan and became so popular there that people started remixing it only a short time later.

The song is all about the frustration of not being able to beat Air Man…while it IS relative easy to get the upper hand with the Leaf Shield from Wood Man …but as a kid you have to know that of course and back in the day, tactics like that were not shared everywhere like today on Gamefaqs, Youtube videos etc. 

This fan art by Ruben Devela shows Air Man struggling and being short before his defeat it seems. I love the coloring and the line work in this one totally and recommend to have a look at Ruben’s gallery on dA where you can find more great video game art from him but also cool other stuff like a nice tribute to one of the best fantasy authors we ever had. RIP Terry.