The Last Guardian PS4 Art by Eternal Legend

The Last Guardian by Eternal Legend

“I actually started this artwork a year ago! I completely forgot about it until I cleaned some files out on my computer and found it again. So I’ve gone ahead to re-polish it up to my today’s standards and to finally finish it off. I remember almost going nuts drawing all that architecture from scratch.

The first time I saw the trailer for this game, I was sold. The Shadow of the Colossus was an amazing game, and I’m sure that this game will also not disappoint.”


Wow, finally we got a release date at the Sony E3 Press conference for this long-awaited game.

The Last Guardian was first shown back in 2009 already, a bit over two years before Game-Art-HQ was even a thing. It was almost as long in development as Duke Nukem Forever, but unlike that one, The Last Guardian looked always very promising and the anticipation for this game just grew with the time.

Eternal Legend drew a lot great video game art, but the most of it is Nintendo related, I was surprised (positively!) to see her drawing The Last Guardian, great she found this piece again to share it online!