We had basically three different game character art collaborations on Game-Art-HQ and Fighting-Games-Elite and this is an attempt to unite them and create a home for the over 300 already done artworks for these projects. The banner and this text is a total work in progress that will change a couple of times,  just like the whole layout of this page that will function as a hub for the many artworks now until a final solution is found.

This page was created on the 25th September 2018, the first article covered Ridley who was finally joining Super Smash Bros, his illustration was done for the FGE Project by Shinragod. More coming soon.




2B or not to be



Akira Yuki wants to fight!

Baiken  – drinks you under the table

Captain Commando is ready

Kratos, just smiles

May, Anchor This!

Ridley joins Smash Bros








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