The Video Game History Art Collaboration


First of all, this is a total work in progress main gallery now which is getting updated now every day.

The Video Game History Art Project was an idea I had for monthy already before I announced it in our deviantART Group in the first week of the September 2018.

Video Game illustrations that are setting their focus on a part of the story or the gameplay instead of being all about the game characters. Artworks like that, accompanied by descriptions about the specific gameplay or story parts but also about the game itself and what made it special, great and worth to play or why it was an important step for the video game industry. 

I hope that this collaboration is going to motivate many artists to participate with games we know since they are popular..and great but also that we are able to get artworks together of games that are actually rarely remembered through fan art while they were great 20 and even over 30 years ago.

My goal is to get an overview of the video game history together through our community and their talents to illustrate video game through their art. Right now, on the 24th September we have already three illustrations together and around 20 more are in the works. The look of this gallery will change from time to time, its mostly just there to give the already done illustrations a home and to try out the best look for this hopefully long running project.

You can find the Update notes at the end of this main gallery as usual.


Horizon Zero Dawn from 2017

Limbo from 2010


Persona 4 from 2008

Resident Evil 4 from 2005

Metal Gear Solid from 1998

Final Fantasy VII from 1997

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening from 1993