Akira Yuki drawn for our Video Game Character Art Collaboration by BFG8800GTX

Back in January, I offered the absolutely excellent Yakuza Zero to the artists who would draw its two main protagonists, Kiryu Kazuma, and Goro Majima. Sriram aka BFG8800GTX from India quickly took the chance and drew both of them and got the game. He was also interested to do more and I gave him a list of rarely drawn video game characters.

You can see the result, Akira Yuki, the  Bājíquán using main protagonist of the Virtua Fighter games above 🙂




Akira Yuki is usually the “poster boy” for the Virtua Fighter games and can be seen on every cover art of the series so far. He won the second Virtua Fighter tournament but every time he had to fight the Hagakure Ninja Kage-Maru, he was defeated..even humiliated by him. 

It seems to be unlikely that we will ever see the Virtua Fighter series returning, Sega showed sadly no interest to return to fighting games with a big game like that again. Especially since it was an old goal of the Virtua Fighter games to set a new technical standard for the genre with each new game, today this is almost impossible with strong competitors like Namco, Capcom, Arc System Works and even SNK and the Netherrealm Studios. 

All these other game studios also managed to release very profitable fighting games while Virtua Fighter was popular in Japan but bombed pretty hard in the rest of the world in comparison to other fighting game series. Personally, I think it was because you can find almost nothing about the story of the game and its characters in the game itself..and as great the gameplay is..the character designs are some of the blandest in the whole fighting game genre.

Virtua Fighter 6 should finally have a story mode and make people care about its characters. 

Akira Yuki Virtua Fighter 5

Akira uses the Bājíquán fighting style, developed in China while he is Japanese actually. Unlike many other fighting game main protagonists, his moves and gameplay are not easy to learn, but he can be a badass if you managed how to perform and use his many elbow and shoulder strikes.

He has a short-range for the majority of his moves, but they are often devastating strong. 


To learn more about him check out our Article of Akira in the VG Character DB


The Artist behind our Character Illustration of Akira Yuki

BFG8800GTX aka Sriram is one of the few artists from India alongside Jaggudada that joined Game-Art-HQ years ago and participated in our art activities.

He is a fighting game player and participated in the majority of our fighting game related art collaborations like the Street Fighter, Tekken and The King of Fighters Anniversary Tribute and most recently, he even drew the unpopular Ganryu from Tekken for our Video Game Character Portrait Challenge!


I recommend having a look at his Gallery on deviantART for a lot more artwork including many non video game stuff as well!




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