Leon S. Kennedy vs. the Chainsaw Man in Resident Evil 4 by Sean Nicholes


Not only that Leon hat to fight for his life against the “normal” Ganado, nope, they also got the dangerous Chainsaw Man on his trail. This guy wears a burlap potato sack like a mask, swings a running chainsaw at you and won’t even blink with his eyes if you shoot him with the Pistol. It is actually possible to beat him even with the knife, but I won’t recommend trying it if you did not play Resident Evil 4 so often that you know how to handle this guy. 

I remember how I started to sweat when I encountered this guy for the first time and run in that exact room, Sean illustrated for our video game history art collaboration. I thought I was safe there but the Chainsaw Man was Jack Torrance’s biggest fan I guess and just used his chainsaw to hunt me there. I believe he decapitated me the first time =/

I loved and played all previous Resident Evil games before, even the Railshooter ones and RE Gaiden on the Game Boy. Resident Evil 4 is not a very difficult game, but it was a big change from the previous games due to the third-person view and a much bigger focus on the action now!


Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4 (In Japan)

 – first released on the Nintendo Gamecube in the USA on January 11, 2005, around 2 weeks later in Japan and eventually in March it was also released in Europe & Australia. It was a Gamecube exclusive game for around 10 months, a Playstation 2 port that had less detailed graphics but received an additional campaign called “Separate Ways” featuring Ada Wong as a playable character. 

This version was later ported to the PC in 2007, the Nintendo Wii also received a port in the same year. Today, Resident Evil 4 also received mobile ports and an HD Remaster for basically all big platforms that are available today. The currently latest port is the Nintendo Switch version that was released on May 2019. 

Resident Evil 4 was a big success for Capcom and actually hold the record in the Guinness Book of Records for being the most sold Survival Horror game to date, around 8 million copies were sold till today including all ports and platforms. If you ask “What is your favourite Resident Evil game?”, many gamers will answer with Resident Evil 4..while it sparked many discussions about the change of its gameplay and the bigger focus for action back in 2005. However, the big majority of the later Resident Evil games used a similar type of action and camera movements with a lot of success as well.

The game was actually in the works since 1999 already and changed completely from multiple versions that were rather similar to the first 3 RE games to the game that was launched eventually. Another big change was that the antagonistic Umbrella Corporation and their G & T-Viruses, as well as the typical Zombies, were replaced by a mysterious cult named “Los Illuminados” that was using a new bioweapon known simply as “Las Plagas” This allowed the developers to create enemies that act differently than the usually slow walking zombies and created a new type of horror for the players of Resident Evil 4. The Plaga parasite continued to be a problem in the sequel Resident Evil 5 as well.


The Artist behind our Illustration for Resident Evil 4:

Sean Nicholes from the USA loves Death Metal just like me and is a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since 2012 already and participated in many of our art collaborations like the big Mortal Kombat Tribute .which resulted in two of the most detailed illustrations ever drawn by a fan for the unpopular characters Drahmin and Bo’ Rai Cho I believe.

He also participated in our beat’em up and Doom tributes among others, currently his latest contribution is the Resident Evil piece for our Video Game History but you can see a lot more awesome video game related art in his gallery on DeviantArt.