Street Fighter Unlimited Cover Art #1 Ryu vs KenStreet Fighter Unlimited Cover Art #4 Juri vs ViperStreet Fighter Unlimited Cover Art #2 Balrog vs GuileStreet Fighter Unlimited Cover Art #3 Karin vs Ibuki

Street Fighter Unlimited Cover Art 1-4

Aphrodite from SMITE Gold Skin Art Card

Aphrodite from SMITE

Jaqui and Jax Briggs MKX Fan ArtMileena MKX Piercing Variation ArtErmac MKX Mystic Variation ArtKenshi MKX Kenjutsu Variation ArtTremor MKX Aftershock Variation Art

Mortal Kombat X Character Variation Artworks for Mileena, Jaqui & Jax, Ermac, Kenshi and Tremor

30th Anniversary of Legend of Zelda - Evolution of Link by EternaLegend

30th Anniversary of the Legend of Zelda: Evolution of Link


Featured Artworks by the Game-Art-HQ Patreon Supporters: 

  Mega Man and Dr Wilys Castle by Il-Piccolo-Torero     



New Galleries in March 2016 for the Video Game Character Database:



Shadow (Kingdom Hearts)


Hector (Castlevania)




Heihachi Mishima


Helmaroc King

Helmaroc King


Helmasaur King


Other small updates:

Nope, none this month  but a lot was done in our Game-Art-HQ Group on dA


 Older Monthly Game Art  HQ Updates


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