Hakumen from BlazBlue Fan Art

Game-Art-HQ is the “main community” but it all started with “FGE” which stands for Fighting-Games-Elite and is a group on deviantART that is all about fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken and of course also BlazBlue by Arc System Works.

This group is around a half-year older than GA-HQ and our first art collaborations started there like the big Mortal Kombat Tribute or the Toshinden one.

Since summer 2013 we have a project ongoing that has the – a bit crazy – target to get illustrations together for as many different fighting game characters as possible. Over 230 different ones were drawn already and currently we have a “ABC” round  ongoing where characters that start with the letters A-Z were available to claim for the project. Hakumen got the H spot this time and was claimed by Lara Couzens who was also one of the first artists that drew the character they claimed for this project.

I thought she did a pretty great job on Hakumen who is the third BlazBlue character drawn for the FGE Project so far

*high 5″ Lara and thanks for participating in many of our collaborations!



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