Sonic the Hedgehog by Brendan Corris

Sonic The Hedgehog

Tails the Fox by Brendan Corris


Knuckles the Echidna by Brendan Corris

Knuckles the Echidna

 In that case you get a pretty cool series of Sonic the Hedgehog fan art in Brendan’s unique comic style and view on the characters.

I must admit that I never even heard about Charmy Bee or Espio the Chameleon before but after looking up some of the official artworks for these characters I thought that Brendan’s versions of them are even cooler than those.

Also Big the Cat ftw! That guy needs some love!

If you like his style, don’t hesitate and look up his Tumblr Blog!

Dr Robotnik by Brendan Corris

Dr Robotnik /Eggman

Amy Rose by Brendan Corris

Amy Rose

Big the Cat by Brendan Corris

Big the Cat

Rouge the Bat by Brendan Corris

Rouge the Bat

Charmy Bee by Brendan Corris

Charmy Bee

Shadow the Hedgehog by Brendan Corris

Shadow the Hedgehog

Mighty the Armadillo by Brendan Corris

Mighty the Armadillo

Vector the Crocodile by Brendan Corris

Vector the Crocodile

Espio the Chameleon by Brendan Corris

Espio the Chameleon


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