Tresh LoL Devil Skin Splash Art

Devil Thresh – A League of Legends Champion Skin Idea

“Here’s my take on a new Thresh. Part man, part beast, all devil.

Trying to stick with a similar silhouette; his bone dreadlocks are horns, with furry patches and spikes to fill out the bone cloak’s collar shape, a tattered waist cloth and skull trophies to fill out the lower portion. I also imagined Devil Thresh to have hoofed feet.

He’s armed with a red-hot trident on metal chains, and his lantern is a wretched iron cage.”


Art and description by Simon Boxer from Australia


As part of our series of League of Legends Character Skin Ideas and Illustrations by Fans I found finally the time to feature the Devil Thresh Idea by Simon Boxer.

Actually asked him many months ago already but all kinds of other stuff came across and I must admit..I forgot this one for way too long!




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