Abel SFIV Render

Abel is a character from the Street Fighter Fighting Game Series.

He appeared the first time in Street Fighter IV (2008) and its later literations (Super SF IV, Arcade Edition) and returned also in Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)

Abel is so far the second Street Fighter character representing France (birthplace is Russia but Abel cant remember that) after Remy in Street Fighter III Third Strike. Abel is a grappler type character who uses mixed martial arts, especially Russian Sambo

The popular french comic character TinTin might have been a reference for his hairstyle

It is likely but is not explained in the games that Abel is either a failed version of Seth, or Abel is the original human that Seth and the 25 other copies were based on.According to his official profile, Abel is born in russia, he fights however for france and also believes he is french since he is suffering from a strong amnesia effect

Abel`s characterdesign is compared often to the russian martial artist Fedor Vladimirovich Emelianenko who fights with the Sambo style since both wear practically the same clothes and share a similar fighting style as well.In Street Fighter X Tekken, Abel`s official Team partner is Guile

Abel from the Street Fighter Games: an Overview

Charactername: Abel   Developed /Created by Capcom
Gameseries: Street Fighter   First seen in: Arcades
First Game: Street Fighter IV   Year first seen in: 2008
Last Game: Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)   Nationality: Russian
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character (Good)   Martial Arts Style: Combat Sambo
Additional Tags:     Similar Characters: Seth (SF) ,
Has Relations to:

Guile (Partner in SFXT)

Seth (Unclear Relation)

Fei Long (being a Fan of his movies)

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Abel SFXT Art

Abel SFXT White Background

Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)

Abel SFXT Artwork

Abel Cross-Art Poster

Street Fighter X Tekken (2012)


Abel SSFIV Transparent

SSFIV (2010)

Abel SSFIV Art

Abel Character Art

 SSFIV (2010)

Abel Alternate Costume SSIV

Alt. Costume Ad


Super Street Fighter IV (2010)

Abel Street Fighter IV small

Render Art Variation


Street Fighter IV (2009)

Abel Street Fighter IV SFIV Art Image Render small

Render Art


Street Fighter IV (2009)

Abel Street Fighter IV Art from the Character Select

Character Select


Street Fighter IV (2009)

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UdonCrew Art of Abel made for their Street Fighter Comics


The Development and Concept Drawings and Sketches of Abel from Street Fighter IV

Abel  Image SSFIV Alternate

Interesting is, that Abel was once planned to be a small Judo using character who could be mistaken for a girl.

Taisaku Okada from Capcom explained that the first attempt at Abel was to make a character who is small but can beat the strong , also known as an “underdog” character some would say.

In the japanese development blog of Super Street Fighter IV they showed a photo of this unused concept art for that version of Abel, you can see this early concept art to the right

Abel Street Fighter IV SFIV First Concept weak small


Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 1 Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 2 Avwl Street Fighter IV Concept Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 3 Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 4 Line Art
Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 4 Line Art Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 6 Line Art Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 7 Line Art Abel Street Fighter IV Concept Art 8 Line Art  

These Concept Artworks and Sketches of Abel are ripped from the PC Version of Street Fighter IV. They are unlockable there.

 Abel Game Art made by Fans:

Abel Street Fighter Model HyperReal_by_BossLogic

“Hyper Real Abel”

by Bosslogic

Abel SFIV Realistic by Samuel Cazetta

Real Abel

by Samuel Cazetta

Abel France Street Fighter vive_la_france by_dhim

“Vive la France” Abel

by Dhim



by Jiggeh

Abel Street Fighter SF Alternate Costume Fan Art by_jaimito

Abel in Alt. Costume

by Jaimito

Abel is one of the many male Street Fighter characters which are not drawn or illustrated by the fans, most likely because they just prefer to draw Chun Li or Cammy but he is also a relative young SF character compared to the almost legendary SFII Crew.

abel sfiv sf 4  sfxt by_vancamelot

Abel by vancamelot

There are still some quite awesome artworks made by fans about Abel made with very different tools, and illustrating Abel in quite a lot of different styles.


ABEL_SF_IV  game art by_akenator

by Akenator

Abel Street Fighter Amnesia Fan Art by leomon32

by Leomon32

Abel Street Fighter Vier by Cris-Art

by Cris-Art

Abel France SF Street Fighter fan art by spadjm

by spadjm


by Jiggeh

Abel SF Tribute on GAHQ

Abel in the Game Art HQ Street Fighter Tribute


Abel Portrait Art by Fans:

Abel SFIV by_z3dd

by Z3dd

Abel Seth Art by_samuraiblack

Abel/Seth by Samuraiblack

Abel SF Street Fighter by Metalhanzo

by MetalHanzo

Abel sf streetfighter sketch by_orbg

by orbg

Abel Street Fighter Portrait by_benscott81

by BenScott81


 Abel Sprite Art

Abel Street Fighter Sprite CVS by_daeron_red_fire

Abel in the Capcom vs SNK Style

by Daeron-Red-Fire

ABEL PNG SF 4 by_Godly_Effect

by Godly-Effect

Abel from SF in KOFXIII Style Sprite by_viraliptg

Abel KOFXIII Style

by Viraliptg

Abel CVS Sprite Art by_danownsall122

Abel in CVS Style

by DanOwnsAll122

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