Samara Mass Effect

Samara, is a Justicar, whom the character crosses paths with in Illium in Mass Effect 2. Justicars are essentially are a mix bounty hunters and Judges (from the Judge Dredd). Most of story revolves around her hunting mercenaries and tracking down her daughter, Morinth. Morinth and Samara’s two sisters, suffer from a condition that causes anyone they procreate with, to die.

Morinth, pretty much uses this condition to murder her sex partners, vice remaining in abstinence.

Visually Samara is another interesting looking design, with a face modelled after a fashion model by the name Rana who cosplayed Samara later.


Selected Fan Art of Samara from the Mass Effect games featured on Game Art HQ:

Samara Mass Effect by Ruthie Hammerschlag

Samara Portrait