Zelda Minish Cap Vaati

Nope! This isn’t official Zelda Minish Cap Art even if it looks like it. Instead it was made by the polish artist Starfoch, a big Zelda fan who emulated the official art style damn good.

The title of this piece is “Hey Vaati, Wanna Fuse?”

Starfoch wrote the following as description about it:

“I think, I should name it “More Polite Way To Subdue Vaati” or something, since I doubt he can stand that amount of unexpected pure intentions.

BUT that wasn’t the point! I wanted it to contain positive, humorous message.
Link truly hopes for reconciliation here! It seems like Ezlo don’t like the whole idea, though. =/ I wonder why…”


If you like how Starfoch drawing here and you want to see more of it, be sure to hit his gallery over at dA!


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