Fennekin Pokemon

The possibility that Fennekin, the new starter Pokemon of the upcoming Pokemon X and Y is a fire type Pokemon is relative high while nothing official was mentioned yet, ShadesofShinon, the artist behind this nice fan art of Fennekin believes so strongly though!

I wanted to draw the generic fire fox starter because even if it’s very generic, I like it a lot. The design is nice and simple and what’s even better, it’s not very likely to evolve into a Fire/Fighting type. I hope. But yeah, I’m gonna pick Fennekin when I get the games. I like the other two starters, too, but Fennekin is just too adorable.
I think Fennekin might set a small fire to protect itself while it’s sleeping. It’s hard to draw these new Pokemon since we know so little about them. Well, I wanted to draw a fire fennec sleeping inside a ring of fire.

ShadesofShinon draws a lot Pokemon and if you like her style, here is her full gallery on dA!





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