Trapinch using Sand Tomb by SkullKidRoss

Ross Jones previously known as the TheExileKing and HerbivoreRoss but now known as SkullKidRoss is one of the many artists that participated for the first time in a Game-Art-HQ Collaboration Project when he heard about our Pokemon Tribute back in summer 2016.

I liked his style to draw them with traditional tools like Pencils and the sketchy look makes his three takes on Golbat, Parasect, and Koffing quite unique among the 300 illustrations in our first part of the big Pokemon Tribute we have ongoing here. He continued his excellent work with Jumpluff, Chinchou, and Spinarak in 2017!  He returned in 2018 again with Trapinch, Whismur, and Beautifly for our Project     


Check out his whole gallery here!




Trapinch using Arena Trap by Flames-Flare

Flames-Flare aka. Corinne Rose from the USA is a young artist that joined the Pokemon Generation III Tribute when the majority of the Pokemon were already illustrated. She impressed us with her beautiful method to paint with traditional tools that gave the Pokemon her own unique look. In the end, she created not less than four submissions for our big collaboration with Anorith, Trapinch, Carvanha, and Zigzagoon!

Have a look at her whole gallery that includes many more Pokemon artworks here!





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