Slaking using Giga Impact by DrManiacal


Giga Impact

“The user charges at the target using every bit of its power. The user can’t move on the next turn.”

Introduced in Generation IV, Giga Impact is an incredibly powerful two-turn Normal-type move with a huge base power of 150. A very very wide range of Pokemon can learn Giga Impact either by levelling up or being taught it through TM68, just like Slaking.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Giga Impact could be upgraded to the move ‘Pulverising Pancake’ however this was a move that is only obtainable by Snorlax at the current state, and is a special Z Move for it.

Slaking using Low Sweep by LukeTheRipper

Low Sweep

“The user attacks the target’s legs swiftly, reducing the target’s Speed stat”

Low Sweep is a damage dealing attack that was introduced in Generation V. It has a good power rating of 65 (before Gen VI just 60) and also lowers the opponents speed stats by one level. 

Slaking and its previous form Vigoroth can both learn the move through TM47.

#289 Slaking

“Hordes of Slaking gather around trees when fruits come into season. They wait around patiently for ripened fruits to fall out of the trees.”

Slaking is a normal-type Pokémon and the final form of Slakoth, evolving from Vigoroth at level 36.  This Generation III addition are often seen in forests.

Slaking have a reputation for being the laziest Pokémon in the world, spending most of its time lying around and slacking off.  They feed on grass growing around it, which can explain the fields around their home having uprooted rings with a diameter of roughly 1 meter.  They only ever move around for two things – to either move to another spot where food is accessible, or to unleash a devastating amount of physical energy towards its opponent.  You do not want to pinch food from a Slaking’s turf!

In both the games and the animé, the most notable Slaking is one owned by Norman, the gym leader of Petalburg City.  True to the Pokédex description, all that his Slaking did outside of battle was mostly sleep; but when out for gym battles, it would alternate turns between lazing about and sending in powerful moves to its opponent.  In the animé, Norman’s Slaking almost knocked out Ash’s Grovyle, but its Overgrow ability allowed it to move in and knock it out, earning the fifth gym badge.

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