Cascoon using Electroweb by GlitzerKirby



“The user captures and attacks opposing Pokémon by using an electric net. It reduces the targets’ Speed stat”


The Electroweb move was introduced in the Gen V Pokemon games and is a damage dealing Electric-type move that has the side effect of slowing down the enemy by one stage.

Electroweb targets all adjacent opponents as well. Only Kakuna and Cascoon are using the Electroweb in our Project yet. The only way for Cascoon to learn Electroweb is by tutoring and this can only be done in the Generation 7 games.




#268 Cascoon

“If it is attacked, Cascoon remains motionless however badly it may be hurt. It does so because if it were to move, its body would be weak upon evolution. This Pokémon will also not forget the pain it endured.”

Cascoon is the cocoon form of Wurmple once it evolves to Level 7. After Level 10 Cascoon evolves into Dustox; to which it’s alternate Silcoon evolves into Beautifly at Level 10.

Before it evolves further, Cascoon lies motionlessly protecting itself from attacks from other Pokemon with defensive moves and status effects. All the pain it endures it never forgets, and thus at Level 10 a vengeful Dustox emerges ready to pay back the world for all the torment it went through in its evolution.

Hence why one of the anime’s antagonists Jessie had a Cascoon in contrast to protagonist May’s Silcoon. While May’s Silcoon evolved into Beautifly which was peaceful and friendly, Jessie’s Cascoon evolved into Dustox which was combative and vicious. These clearly mirrored the good/bad personalities of both of the Bug Pokemon’s trainers.





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