Beautifly using Morning Sun by 3Paula3


Morning Sun

“Allows HP to be restored by the morning sunlight. In battle, half the user’s max HP is restored.”

Introduced in Generation II as the signature move of Espeon, Morning Sun is a Normal-Type non-damaging move that allows the user’s Pokemon to heal in accordance with the time of day.

While during the day and under certain conditions 1/2 the user’s HP is restored; twice that amount can be restored in the hours of the morning.

The Morning Sun was used by currently four Pokemon in our Project but Ponyta from Gen I was the first one. Beautifly can learn Morning Sun at level 20 (17 from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire onward).



 Beautifly using Silver Wind by HerbivoreRoss 

Silver Wind

“The target is attacked with powdery scales blown by the wind. This may also raise all the user’s stats.”

Silver Wind is a damage-dealing Bug-type move that was firstly introduced in Hoenn. It has a 10% chance of raising all of the user’s stats by one stage when used in battle.

If used in any contest, this move is seen as very beautiful. Level 34 (25 since ORAS) is when Beautifly can learn Silver Wind.

#267 Beautifly

“Its colorfully patterned wings are its most prominent feature. It flies through flower-covered fields collecting pollen. It attacks ferociously when angered.”

Beautifly is a dual bug / flying type Pokémon and one of two final forms for Wurmple, evolving at level 10 from Silcoon.  Like most bugs, they are expected to be seen in forests.

Usually, they are seen flying in flower fields collecting pollen with its long needle-like mouth.  Should anything disturb it, it will become very aggressive and jab with said mouth towards its target.  Said hostility can also apply to its prey as it opts to leech fluid out of its opponent’s body.  In order to spot their vibrant wings up-close and safely, it’s best to leave a potted flower near an open window, where it would ride the winds there in pursuit of pollen.

In the animé, May’s Wurmple evolved into Beautifly and maintained its calm behavior as seen in its previous evolution.  It often liked sitting on top of May’s head and would eventually do so to close friends.  It helped May win her first Pokémon Contest ribbon and played a key role in the first round of the Hoenn Grand Festival.


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