Zigzagoon using Thunderbolt by Sony-Shock



“A strong electric blast crashes down on the target. This may also leave the target with paralysis.”

Thunderbolt is an electric type move that has a ‘cool’ status when being used in a contest.

Surprisingly, only 12 Pokemon can naturally learn Thunderbolt by levelling up, but a large quantity of Pokemon can learn it through the use of a TM. It is often well known to be an attack that Pikachu uses. Pikachu was also the first Pokemon in our Tribute using the Thunderbolt. TM24 can be used to teach Thunderbolt to Zigzagoon.




#263 Zigzagoon

“The hair on Zigzagoon’s back is bristly. It rubs the hard back hair against trees to leave its territorial markings. This Pokémon may play dead to fool foes in battle.”

Zigzagoon is a normal type Pokemon first introduced in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.  It evolves into Linoone at Level 20.

Zigzagoon takes on the appearance and behavior of a raccoon; to which it’s jaggedy stripes attribute to it’s name. Like real-life raccoons Zigzagoons forage around the ground picking up a large variety of smells. Naturally curious they come in contact with traveling trainers and thus were abundant to engage in the early towns of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald; particularly in grass areas. They use their bristly fur both for marking territory and generating charges for certain attacks.

Zigzagoon appeared in the anime under the ownership of various trainers. The Pokemon cosplay fanatic Nicholai used his Zigzagoon to battle Ash Ketchum’s Taillow; the outcome of the battle is unknown. And under the ownership of one of the Gym Badge Thieves and fighting alongside a Poochyena; it also battled Misty’s Psyduck and and Sakura’s Espeon to which it lost. The third main character it faced was Brock and his Mudkip; to which it was able to defeat using Thunderbolt. Having faced the three main protagonists of the original Pokemon series; Zigzagoon truly has seen it all.




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